Khoa Nguyen and Jennifer Dmytrenko's Wedding Day. September 18, 2011

These photographs are shown in the exact order taken.  For that reason, some photos may seem to be out of place when telling a story.
For example, there might be a photo of item 1 then item 2 and then jump back to the item 1 area.  I will fix that problem with the creation of the DVD.  Some photos were taken at the request of other parties and will be given to them but may not be on the DVD.  The photos shown here are greatly compressed for the web and are not as clear as they will be when printed or shown on a PC in their original resolution.

Note: If nearly all of the top part of your browser is covered by menus it will make it hard to view the photos without scrolling down each time.  You can help with that problem by pressing the F11 function key for more screen space.  Press F11 again to return to normal.

Please read the viewing tips at the bottom of this page on how to use the photo display program.  You can view each set as a slide show, explained below.

Thank you.  Fes Cannady

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