Volleyball Game between Metro and Colorado School of Mines

Each block has 300 photographs.
Photos were taken with hand-held Nikon D300 using Nikkor 18-200mm zoom lens.
Shutter was set to 3 photos per second for as long as the shutter was held down.
Metro lost the first 2 sets then clawed their way back to win the last 3 sets to win the game.
Here is a description of buttons that display after you click a photo to enlarge it.

The slide show function displays each photo for 1 second (button 4, above).
If your computer system is slow then slide show works better after you have viewed each photo manually.
To stop a slide show click the "Return to gallery" button #3.

 Block 1 Photos 0001-0300
 Block 2 Photos 0301-0600
 Block 3 Photos 0601-0900
 Block 4 Photos 0901-1200
 Block 5 Photos 1201-1500
 Block 6 Photos 1501-1800
 Block 7 Photos 1801-2099

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