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Date Action  Description
2000 Jan View Home, Nail Focus, Lone Tree.
2000 Mar View Trip to Hawaii
2001 Mix View Aspen, Nail Focus, home area
2002 Feb View Tet Lunar New Year Party
2002 Feb View Frances buys a new car
2002 Oct View My business trip to Aspen
2002 Nov View Thanksgiving in Lone Tree
2002 Dec View Christmas Party in Lone Tree
2002 Dec View New Year's Party 2002-2003
2003 Jan View Family at Lone Tree home
2003 Feb View Anh Recital, Snowstorm, more
2003 Apr View #3's daughter's wedding, home at Lone Tree
2003 May View Mom and grandchildren.
2003 Jun View Frances on her scooter.
2003 Jun View Linh & Paul's house, Molly Brown House
2003 Aug View Renaissance & Dragon Boat Festival, Old settlement
2004 Jan View Dad's Funeral
2004 Mar View New furnace and AC unit
2004 Apr View Removing old kitchen cabinets
2004 May View New triple pane windows
2004 OCT View Hollween Party at the Proof of the Pudding nightclub
2005 Jan View Snowbear the puppy.
2005 Feb View Tet
2009 Sep View Frances with her Harley

More photos are being added daily as of 10/15/22