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Video Date Description
PLAY 08/16/23 Ent construction, gas pipe work, neighbor's solar replacement
PLAY 08/17/23 Ent construction, gas pipe work, pronghorn road work
PLAY 08/18/23 Ent construction, Bob Hope in Korat Thailand
PLAY 08/21/23 Ent construction, sunset over the Rockies
PLAY 08/22/23 Ent construction - crane work on roof
PLAY 08/24/23 Ent constructon, woman greets worker, dogs in backyard, Vac-Con truck
PLAY 08/25/23 Ent constructon, dogs with man on deck
PLAY 08/28/23 Ent constructon, looking for roadwork in my neighborhood
PLAY 08/29/23 Ent construction, Auroa Mall construction
PLAY 08/30/23 Ent construction, neighborhood area activity
PLAY 08/31/23 Resurface street in front of my house
PLAY 09/07/23 View of drone from a drone, Ent construction, Nail Focus
PLAY 09/16/23 Church roof work, flight home, Ken and me at Lowry, then present day
PLAY 09/18/23 Ent construction, church roof, Halloween early, sunset
PLAY 09/19/23 Ent construction, church roof finish up
PLAY 09/20/23 Ent construction, slow motion of water sprinkler
PLAY 09/24/23 Pronghorn herd roaming the plains
PLAY 09/25/23 Ent construction, neighbor's flowers
PLAY 09/26/23 Ent construction, Southlands construction
PLAY 10/02/23 Ent construction, man looking for a snake near fence
PLAY 10/03/23 Ent construction, return home
PLAY 10/04/23 Ent construction
PLAY 10/09/23 Ent construction roof completed. Short, 40 second video
PLAY 10/10/23 Ent construction, front range, school bus
PLAY 10/10/23 New VA clinic construction site
PLAY 10/11/23 Ent construction, paving
PLAY 10/12/23 Flying in 25 MPH winds as a front moves in
PLAY 10/14/23 Auroa Mall area construction site
PLAY 10/14/23 Ent construction, parking lot work, roof sign hacked, me and Snowbear, '49 Ford commercial
PLAY 10/15/23 Sunset with flight around neighborhood.   Next morning Ent site painting lines on parking lot.
PLAY 10/23/23 More sunset video.  Ent site.  Four-wheel playground.
PLAY 10/24/23 Clouds from cold front moving in, people playing Frisbee
PLAY 10/25/23 Tree removal from my backyard
PLAY 10/28/23 Neighbor gets a new roof, first dusting of snow this season
PLAY 10/29/23 First snow of the fall season
PLAY 11/06/23 Ent, VA Clinic, Frisbee, Leaves raked
PLAY 11/10/23 VA Clinic, Planes landing, Ent site
PLAY 11/11/23 Installing fiber optic cable in the neighborhood
PLAY 11/23/23 ENT and new VA clinic site
PLAY 12/09/23 VA clinic and Ent site
PLAY 12/11/23 Ent site, new roof somewhere and fiber optic work 
PLAY 12/17/23 Me cleaning up mess around bird feeder.
PLAY 12/19/23 Car wreck near the house
PLAY 12/21/23 Ent site, VA clinic, Apartment building construction
PLAY 12/23/23 VA clinic
PLAY 12/26/23 Neighborhood snow
PLAY 01/02/24 How I capture music online
PLAY 01/07/24 VA site, ends with Duane's basement he refinished
PLAY 01/16/24 ENt site, neighborhood flyover
PLAY 01/24/24 New VA Clinic site